Medical Procedures

Skin Tag removal is performed using cautery which immediately removes the tag.

Sun damaged skin and warts are treated with cryotherapy and may need repeated treatment.


Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Cryotherapy is treating skin conditions by freezing. Although several substances can be used, liquid nitrogen is the most common which produces a controlled cold burn. This will destroy the top layer of the skin . We use this for treating areas of sun damage as well as Seborrhoeic warts

These are harmless growths on the skin, they can vary in colour from light brown to almost black and are more common after the age of 40 years. Despite having lots of characteristics of abnormal moles (raised irregular edges, often itch, and varied colour ) they remain harmless but tend to be unsightly.

It’s use on warts and verrucaes is more effective than other over the counter preparartions.


I use cautery to remove skin tags. Cauterisation is the process of burning /cutting lesions, this means that skin tags can be removed in one sitting with no need for stitches or waiting for them to drop off.